Sunday, 18 December 2011



Karate competition to be held. Maan Jr. is one of the contestants. The boy opposite him is the bully. The bully and his friends plan to mix sleeping pills in Maan Jr.'s energy drink. Rahul overhears this and rushes to stop Maan from consuming it.

Maan Jr., Praneet and Samir are at the locker room where Maan is getting ready.
Maan Jr.: Samir at what time will we be expected at your home this evening.
Samir: After six. We can go collect Praneet's and your bag after school from KM.
Maan Jr.: ok. Let's go.

Praneet and Samir wish him good luck and give him the energy drink. Rahul comes running and pushes the bottle away from Maan's hand. Maan jr. gets exasperated and glares. Maan controls himself from doing something rash. Rahul explains his actions. Now Maan gets wicked and plans to turn the joke on the bully. Samir, Praneet and Rahul go to the spectators area waiting for the contest to begin. Maan feigns to be weak, but wins the competition even in that state. After the competition, the bully learns that Rahul outed the plan to Maan. He again tries to corner Rahul and threaten him. Maan Jr. arrives there with Samir and Praneet.

He pulls the bully away from Rahul and says "Don't you dare threaten my friends. I will always be around looking out for me and mine. Watch your actions, otherwise you will regret it".

This time also the same superior sees and dismisses the bully from school. He advises Maan to control his anger.


Maan now has his full memory back. He got back his memory in shock when Geet fell sick 3 years back. Maan searching for Geet. Nakul says he saw her lighting lamps in Dadi's memorial area. Maan goes searching and finds Geet in the nursery with their baby girl, Mishty. They have a quite family moment. Maan gets a call from Sushil regarding taking Maan jr. and Prannet to his homestead for the holidays. Maan relays the message to Geet to get Maan's bag packed. He also calls Adi and asks him to bring or send Praneet's bag to KM. Geet tells Maan "you know, these days your son is being influenced by your new friend. I heard he is directing shows in school and enjoys telling LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION." Maan smiles and says "He's still young. Let him grow first, but if his interest lies in that field we will support him. I know he will succeed in whatever he does. Afterall, HP EXPRESS IS HIS MOM" and Geet adds "AND DHUST DHANAV IS HIS DAD"....they laugh.

Sushil picks up Geet from her home and drives away. The journalist is spotted tailing Geet's mom. Geet's mom gets the feeling that she is being watched.



Maan Jr. 12 yrs with his friends Praneet 11yrs (Adi's son) and Samir 12 yrs (son of a famous film producer who became friends with Maan Sr.) playing football in the ground. They hear some commotion and move to check out. They see some of the rich boys in school bullying the new admission boy telling him he is a charity case not fit to be among elite crowd. Maan Jr. intervenes

Maan: Back off all of you if you wanna continue your studies in this school. I will report your behavior to the superiors.

The bullying crowd starts backing off except for one boy who had hit the new boy while bullying. He taunts Maan Jr.
"Here comes the saviour of strays. Stepping into your father's shoes early Maan."

Maan Jr. gets angry and shouts "Be careful what you say next or else your bones won't be intact. I am my father's son through and through when a situation arises."

The boy "You are all bark and no bite. Think what the great Maan Singh Khurana will say if his son gets down and dirty fighting rowdily"

All this is being noticed by the school superior who intervenes before things get out of control. the bullying boys are warned.

Maan Jr. and his friends help the wounded boy who is 11 years old and from Hosiyarpur. His studies are sponsored by Savithri Devi Trust. He is a orphan whose mother was a victim of honor killing. When Praneet ACCIDENTALLY tries to reveal that trust is Maan JR.'s father's trust, Maan Jr. stops him. The new boys name is Rahul.  Maan feels sorry for the boy and can relate to him 'coz he knows all about honor killings and how his mom escaped. MAAN Sr. has told him the story when he was 10 leaving out the part regarding Dev.

Meanwhile, the filming unit of a movie is shown. A girl with pretty brown eyes, beautiful curly hair, angelic smile and innocent looks is about to go join another group of children who are playing. A beautiful woman, Sharada, junior actress is getting ready for her shot. She is the little girl's mother. She keeps an eye on her while working. At that time a assistant comes and calls her telling her that producer sir wants to meet you. She leaves but calls out "Geet sweetheart, be careful and don't go outside anywhere"

Producer: "Sharada, how are you? Do you need any help?"
Geet's mom: "I'm fine. How is Sanjana? (producer's wife)
Producer: She's fine. Samir is busy in school but Mantra is testing our patience. We are worried about you and Geet.
Sharada: Don't, we are doing just fine. She is my life's SONG.
Producer: That's why you named her Geet. My friend's wife's name is also Geet.
Sharada: So, why did you want to see me?
Producer: Tomorrow will you let me take Geet home with me for the New Year Holidays? Sanjana, Samir &  Mantra will love having her with us. Samir's friends also will be there. Please don't say no.
Sharada hesitates. The producer says "OK. I'll call Sanjana, you tell her no". Sharada relents and says yes.

Geet goes to a group of children playing within the set. As soon as she nears the group, they stop playing.
Geet: I too want to play with you
Girl: My mama told me not to play with you". Many other children also echo the same sentiments.
Geet feels sad and asks "Why?". The child says "My mother says you have no Father and your Mother is not a good woman"

Geet cries because the children don't want to play with her and are talking bad about her mom. She goes searching for her mother and sees her talking to the producer. She runs to her momma crying
Sharada and the producer turn at once and ask "Geet, slow down. What happened? Have you hurt yourself?"
Geet: Hiccups "They are not playing with me and are telling me you are bad 'coz i got no father"
Sharada is shocked. T he producer tries to calm the situation.

Producer: "So, how is my Sunshine" (Sunshine is Geet's nickname given by the producer and his family. So Geet will be known as such for now)
Geet: her face lights up when she sees who is addressing her "Sushil uncle"
She goes to the producer Sushil who hugs her and smiles.
Sushil:"How about coming home with me for the holidays. You can play with Mantra and Samir and meet aunty"
Geet: "Momma can I go?"
Sharada:"Yes, but be good."
Sushil: "I'll pick her up as usual. Get her packed"

Geet is happy. Their conversation is being observed by a journalist. The guy wonders what is the story behind this and smiles evilly.